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Electrode Placement Chart 



The pLacement of electrodes can be one of the most important parametas in achieving success with therapy. The skin at the application site must be clean arid dry. Press electrodes firmly to the skin. making good contact between the skin and the electrodes.


電極的佈置可能是治療成功的最重要的參數之一, 塗抹部位的皮膚必須乾淨乾燥, 用力將電極按在皮膚上,在皮膚和電極之間保持良好的接觸。                    

Never remove the self-adhe- siwe electrodes from the skin while the device is turned on.  開啟設備時,切勿從皮膚上取下自粘電極。

Apply electrodes to the exact site indicated by your physician or healthcare professional.  將電極施加到醫生或醫療保健專業人員指示的確切位置。

Impulse Form

       Setting these parameters can increase vertical jumps by up to + 25% (squat jump + 21.4%, backward jump + 19.2%, and drop jump + 12%), and sprint time for trained and elite athletes can be reduced by up to – 4.8%.
    Regarding fitness level, analysis shows that although well-trained elite athletes already have a high fitness level, their strength level can be significantly improved to the extent that untrained subjects can achieve.
     EMS provides a promising alternative to traditional strength training to enhance the aforementioned strength parameters and athletic capabilities. Because time management has obvious advantages, especially when using whole-body EMS, we can expect this method to be used more and more in high-performance sports. Keywords strength training, speed strength, maximum strength, strength, jumping ability, sprint ability, trained athletes.

48% of the impulses were delivered with a square or rectangular form.

27% used an alternating sinus impulse form.

15% of the studies, stimulation was performed with symmetrical, asymmetrical. 

10% did not comment on the impulse form.

Impulse Width

On average, an impulse width of 261 ±132 microseconds was used.

48% of the impulses were delivered with a square or rectangular form.

Impulse Frequency​

The regulated frequency varied between 25 and 2,500 Hz. Frequencies over 1,000 Hz were not included in the mean value;

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